In Sharannya

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Diana wore a white skirt suit look from Sharannya that included a contrast black turtle-neck and extra-long sleeves. At first glance itself I loved the look and while the cropped biker shorts looked a bit awkward to me once I noticed them, I guess it couldn’t be helped because the skirt was completely sheer. Overall, she looked great!


Diana Penty

Diana Penty

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Funny, I saw the tag Namita Alexander – it turned out to be the same person I went to boarding school with in the mountains! Looks like she has come far.

    Having said that though is this what they’re calling fashion these days? It’s ridiculous!

  2. Diana is so beautiful and almost always beautifully turned out too. Well, almost,,, waist upwards perfection. The skirt…. leaves a lot to be desired.
    Sorry P n P, cannot get the ziploc bag effect out of my mind even if you guy felt it was perfection.


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