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Opening night of the MAMI Mumbai Film Festival saw Diana in an Amit Aggarwal gown and Harsh Sagar earrings.

At first glance, I was a bit iffy about the top knot with the gown but the more I look, the less I mind it. Might be the Diana effect. 😛

Think she looked nice or did you feel that the gown perhaps needed a different hairdo?


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I’m sorry but this gown is a disaster. Another bad pick by Diana, on the heels of the princessy beige gown (although she looked pretty in that).

    She is usually so stylish.

  2. That is a bizarre gown. The peplum top needed a fitted skirt, not a flared one. And the two colors don’t even gel. Ms Penty’s great run has ended with this monstrosity.

  3. She needed a different gown not a different hairdo. Don’t like that gown at all – especially the illusion panel up top. It is such an eyesore. The gown has weird proportions but if it is looking even remotely good, it is because of Diana.

    • Hahaha. Thats the first thing I noticed the weird hairline -toupe effect. Like someone above mentioned, that hair & the dress looks mighty clownish.

  4. Coral lip with a yellow biege dress. Bad
    That actually looked like separates at first glance, and the color combo is wierdly drastic.
    Bad bad bad! Diana can do much muh better.. A quite NOT this one


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