A Three-way Ditto!

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If it ain’t Gauri and Nainika, it is this other duo, whose clothes seem to be on just about on everyone. Some we like, some we despise.

What’s your verdict on this one?

P.S. ‘Binerry’, did I get my title right? 😉

sophie-cosmopolitan-awards.jpg dia-t3-magazine.jpg

Left: Rocky S and Sophie Chaudhary at Cosmopolitan Awards
Right: Dia Mirza on T3


Left: Pia Trivedi for Shantanu and Nikhil, Gitanjali Fashion Show
Right: Neha Dhupia In Shantanu-Nikhil, Toronto International Film Festival 2008

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  1. beautiful dress
    I like all the colours…sophie’s is my fave!
    but it’d be pretty funny if we started seeing this dress on 50 celebrities just like the other one

  2. Dress is nice, reminds me of old/previous Versace collection.
    Dia Mirza looks different, prettier than her usual self. Neha Dhupia looks the best amongst all.

  3. It’s a pretty dress but definately only for the really skinny..not for the curvy woman…ironically the model’s dress is the most crumpled one..i think Neha and Diya both look great!

  4. i dont see what the big deal is about this dress. its not like the halter, the flow of the dress or the colors are anything different from what we’ve seen so far!

  5. it IS best for the really skinny
    Pia-therfore looks great
    the others…
    and the dress itself isn’t really so great, my aunt wore basically the same thing to a wedding two years ago

  6. I hate victoria secert looking gowns that you quite don’t know whether its night gown or a dress. even the style of it makes it look like a night gown


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