In River Island


In polka-dotted River Island overalls, Dia was spotted behind the scenes at the CPAA charity show (at which she walked the runway for Manish Malhotra).

She, as is usually the case, looked pretty darn good in what she had on. If we had a gripe, it’d be with the shoes she picked; the heel height wasn’t working for the overalls. But that really is a minor gripe. Like we said, she looked good.

dia mirza in river island at cpaa manish malhotra show

Left, Centre: Dia Mirza At The CPAA Charity Show
Right: River Island Overalls

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Considering that it was pouring heavily, she was drenched, and this is something she wore after the charity to probably go home in, she looks great. Love the polka dots. And how cute is it that her BF is holding the umbrella and not the security guy.


  2. Dia is lovely no doubt but pray do grown women really wear overalls?

    I haven’t worn a pair since I was maybe 10 – and those were probably something my Dad bought!




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