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Dia attended the Vogue Women Of The Year Awards on Saturday evening wearing a pink one-shouldered gown by Elisabetta Franchi. Considering we see so many over the top presentations, the color and style made for a very welcome change. I also loved that she kept it simple.

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Dia Mirza

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Don’t care for her very odd expression and deer in the headlights demeanor, but the restraint in styling this tricky pink gown is refreshing.

  2. dia is just about the only person who can wear such saccharine colors and yet look reasonably good. that beautiful baby-doll face has its advantages!

  3. Ok, so I am thinking aloud and would love a discussion. She claims to work for sustainability and environmental causes. I genuinely believe she means well. However, how sustainable is to appear in every award function in new clothes and that are actually not made ethically, of woven fabric, etc, etc. I understand she is a ‘celebrity’ and these are all ‘appearances’. Also, that celebrities need not be ‘believed’ all the time. Still, can ‘well-known’ people makes choices and walk the talk? I am not talking about looking shabby and be the quintessential jholewali, but there must be ways to be sustainable while always talking about it. Or there aren’t and it is an utopian dream? Please discuss.

    • Very valid point… These clothes are made of polyester which is essentially plastic and the most unsustainable material (polyester leaches microplastics into the water when it is washed or dry cleaned, and seriously contributes to ocean plastic). Celebs like Dia can make a statement by wearing clothes made with say organic cotton or even recycled materials (like Meghan Markle did in her tour of Africa). Brands working on these issues can be highlighted by Dia Mirza and her ilk.

      • Organic cotton leaves a huge water footprint. Most of Indian cotton mills are draining the water table. But your point on polyester is very valid. Recycling and reusing is the need of the day

      • all celebrities are the same, Easy to talk the talk, but walking the walk is a whole diffreent story. Meghan markle flies every where on a private jet and so her organic cotton outfits won’t save mother nature. Unless you’re growing your own food in your backyard and car pooling to work (if not public transit) , then I am sorry I don’t think your luxury sustainable brands are not gonna paint you an environment hero.

  4. This isn’t a personal call out. Dia is a vocal advocate of Sustainable living. In the past few months, I have seen her appear in interviews and articles for the cause, Bravo. However, every time she has made an appearance, they have been in – never before seen in- clothes. Perhaps repeating outfits, appearances in brands/ fabrics that promote sustainability and environmental friendly productions can lend better credibility?

  5. Honestly she could wear Pajamas to an event and still look good. Good looking people can carry off most clothes & don’t need to make an effort. That said, The pink does look swell on her


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