Dia In Shaina NC & Ritu Kumar

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Dia in Shaina NC

Dia in Ritu Kumar

I love that Shaina has innovative ways of tying a sari but do I care for her designs? Ummm.. not so much. What do you think of the white one on Dia.

Updated: I mistakenly wrote that both saris were by Shaina. That isn’t the case.

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  1. actually, i don’t really mind both these designs. the white one’s real nice and dia is carrying it beautifully. i may have done my hair differently with the black though….may be a classy chignon…..just to make up for the overdone tacky gold dots.

  2. The saris are not bad. Dia needs to go easy on the heavy makeup.

    Innovative sari tying? How would I learn that? Anything online?


  3. what i want to know is how she’s tied them. I like the way the part at the back goes low. on the other hand you need to have slim hips to carry off that style. a fatter butt and that will just accentuate it.


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