What’s In A Name?


Maybe its just us but we just don’t get the ‘Dhoti‘ reference… neither the silhouette nor the print screams ‘Dhoti‘, not to us anyway!

Nomenclature not withstanding, we do love the dress! Especially the way Gwen Stefani wears it!

P.S: For those who don’t know, L.A.M.B happens to be Gwen Stefani’s label.


Left: L.A.M.B. ‘Dhoti’ Silk Dress
Right: Gwen Stefani



  1. lols, dhoti or not…I love the blouse
    Gwen should know though! She was quite into the Desi thing for a few years, and she learned it all from her Desi bf’s mother.


  2. When I see women in oh so high heels walking around as if its a pair of comfy flats, I feel I should make an effort, wear some high heels, look cool etc. But sorry , can’t. Too painful. So hard to find high heels with good arch support. I have a few pairs of( Betsy Johnson, BCBG, Oh Deer)not-so-high heels I can wear and walk a few blocks. Any suggestions about comfy sky high heels? is there any such thing?

    I love this dress/tunic/top. And I am pretty sure its way over priced. Note to Gwen, you are not Gucci, stop charging so much money for your L.A.M.B. stuff.


  3. @Ashi: well put.

    @MK: I don’t wear heels often because the expression “All dressed up with nowhere to go” is my life’s story! But when I DO have somewhere to go, I kep in mind that:

    *The higher the heel- the more pressure on the foot.
    *Don’t wear them too often.
    *Wedges- friend! Stacked-frenemy! Stilletto- ENEMY.

    Also, it’s best to break in heels as much as possible before you go anywhere outside in them- I have a 6 1/2 inch pair that pretty much feel like regular sneakers even after wearing them all day. Hope that helped! :)


  4. @ MK – The other day I bought the MOST COMFORTABLE Aerosole peep toe pumps. I wear them to work all day, and they don’t hurt one bit!

    I also like this top/dress…and Gwen looks fierce in those heels!

    Awww Gwen’s little baby in the corner is soo cute!




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