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Coincidentally, both Devita and Zeba attended the Tod’s Elle lunch wearing the same print. While Devita wore a maxi version, Zeba wore the print in a blouse version with black pants and a pink Bottega Veneta bag. Question is, who do you like better? Not that we love either but of the two our vote goes to Zeba because the print is less overwhelming in the blouse form. Perhaps, if Devita had worn a more looser fit and Zeba the blouse with white pants and we might have had a worthy face-off.

P.S. Devita is the MD of Vu Technologies and Zeba owns Fantasy Chocolates in Mumbai.


Devita Saraf and Zeba Kohli at Tod’s Elle Lunch

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  1. The only saving grace to this would be as you mentioned white pants with the blouse version. Otherwise as posted above both look horrible. The dress clearly looks worse of the two. And I don’t think the BV bag goes with the look on the right.

  2. Zeba…Anyday Zeba scores over the other lady. She looks much more comfortable. .. The maxi fit to the handbag to the o so bling neckpc…to the pose! …Its a combination of too many bad things.

  3. zeba looks better, love her bag. Would have preferred if she had not worn the belt. she should have tucked in the blouse and carried a clutch or a smaller shoulder bag. The blouse is too dressy, hard to give it a casual look.

  4. OMG ! I love what devita is wearing !!!! the dress is so flattering and love the neckpiece as well … zeba is always well dressed but this time I think she got it totally wrong … too many colours …

  5. i agree !! devita looks really good in what she is wearing … she’s got her jewellery right as well as her bag too … whereas zeba could have done without the bag and the black on the blouse … it’s jus too much and the look doesn’t look clean ….

  6. Forget who looks better…Cannot get over the fact that two society ladies happened to be wearing the same print at the same event…LOL

  7. Devita looks mighty upset with something!
    That apart, I prefer the shirt version. As you said, would look quite nice with white trousers.


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