Dashing Dev?

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So it may not be the best appearance with which Dev makes a debut on HHC, but can it get any worse than this? We hope not.

We do hope his excuse for wearing that grandpa sweater was that he came straight from the airport or the airlines lost his luggage!


Dev Patel, The BAFTA/LA Awards Season Tea Party


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  1. ubet he came straight from the airport. do u think the studio is silly to let him wear casual clothes when freida is given the stunning yellow. i say hats off to him for making it after god alone how long the flight was!

  2. i don’t think most grandpas wear sweaters like that its just the way he buttoned it, like he didn’t care plus you would be amazed at how that sweater could’ve worked
    he should’ve ditched those pants for black dressier pants and that shirt does not complement the ‘grandpa’ sweater one bit

  3. @Kashmira
    yes, yes you do! 😉
    I like my cardigans thankyouverymuch, and maybe it’s an age thing, but a I would choose a man in a cardigan paired with jeans vs. a blazer paired with jeans and a tee anyday (I hate that)
    plus, it sort of goes with that cute-in-a-nerdy-way thing he has going on (as in ‘awwwww’ instead of ‘drool’)

    also, he’s British

  4. Chota bacha hai, yaar! (Total fob status, the way I probably sound to y’all)

    So considering his age, and his new found stardom, I can look past the silly attire. Especially when you’re standing next to the always-well-turned-out Freida Pinto!

  5. I love this guy but here he looks pathetic..i mean in the movie he looked really cute… but here, he looks horrible, everything! + he looks to skinny

  6. aww …. he’s such a cute little boy, I don’t have a heart to say anything against him 🙂
    I love the fact that he is ‘not yet’ into the whole fashion thing.

  7. All the youngsters are wearing cardigans at the moment in the Uk. Its becoming an overkill in London..every guy you see is wearing one (im not even being sarcastic here lol). Its meant to be ‘trendy”. But its just not working with the layers..sorry dev! looking forward to skins though 😉

  8. I agree with pdaervo. That is exactly the way a majority of British guys in that age bracket (with a bit of ‘dosh’) dress. Most of TopMan is filled with stuff of that kind!

  9. He was really cute on the David Letterman show. i forgive him, guys are usually clueless about fashion at 18 anyway. its only when they have girl friends do they get some sense! lol

  10. nupur… think you havent seen skins lol he is far from nerdy. He was running around the beach ‘naked’ on one of the episodes of skins lol

    sharms…you dont need abit of dosh to wear a cardigan lol x

  11. hi, you might not know but everyone in the uk (guys his age) wear these sort of cardigans. Its the way casual is done over here. 🙂 though i agree with the layers bit, but i think the cardi looks alrite.

  12. @ Kashmira: I’ve lived in Southern California my whole life, and believe me, it gets freaking cold down here! And especially this year, every time I’ve left the house, I’m all bundled up like a New Yorker.

    I would’ve preferred him just not wearing the cardigan, but again, like many others have said, it’s very common casual wear in the UK and even parts of the US.

  13. That is soo not a Grandpa sweater….Ladies please keep checking the latest trends for Men’s Casual clothing..Open button cardigans are very popular here in NY City….


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