Designers Anjalee Kapoor and Mandira Wirk were both spotted wearing the same BCBG maxi. Anjalee Kapoor wore hers to a high tea event in Dubai while Mandira wore it to a Satya Paul show in Delhi.

Bummer, we don’t have full length pics but definitely not liking Anjalee’s choice to wear hers with a necklace. A chunky bracelet would’ve worked better with the high-neck maxi.


Left: Anjalee Kapoor at High Tea Event, Dubai
Center: BCBG Belted Maxi
Right: Mandira Wirk at Satya Paul Show, Delhi

Photo Credit: Masala


  1. its such a basic thing to not clash a necklace with a high neck dress..wonder why a professional designer(Anjalee) wouldn’t know that..!!!! plus the design of dress is making her look too top heavy..guess she doesn’t know that either.. :P she sure helps Mandira look so much better in a not so great dress..not a fan of maxi dresses with big prints


  2. Once again, another person working in ‘fashion’ who has no idea how to dress herself! Just because international brands flooded India, does not mean everyone should just go for it blindly. there is something called dressing for your own body type.
    Ladies with generous chests should never wear such high neck outfits, just makes them look bad. I know, cuz i am a 34D. Also bad hair, and totally unnecessary necklace on the first lady.


  3. anjalee is obviously blind. big fluffy hair with busy printed maxi. WTH? way to pick a design to look as top heavy as possible. and a necklace to go with that neck line.

    to think this lady is a “designer”. ick.




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