The “WTHeyyy” Edition

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Sonu Nigam
Divya Dutta

Exhibit one: Can Sonu’s suit get any shinier? Or slimier?

Exhibit two: That elaborately draped and knotted thing only draws attention to where we wish it hadn’t!! One hopes that the stole that Divya has on isn’t really attached to the dress and is a making of her own folly, which hopefully can be corrected!

Shriya Saran

Exhibit three: Shriya Saran while participating in the ‘Dell Road Run’ marathon contest, goes running dressed like that. We get she is an actress and has to look good even when running, but dressed like that when participating in a marathon just makes me break out into a sweat, and I haven’t even pulled on my socks yet.

Exhibit four: The print doesn’t work. Ditto for the color. And especially the asymmetrical hemline just does not work. And that bag.


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  1. Sonu Nigham usually looks awful… no surprise there.

    She wore that while running??? No wonder her other earring is missing!

    Bhagyashree is so pretty! She looks okay here, better than what I’ve seen her in on other posts. But it’s just okay.

  2. P&P – i just commented about her wear and look on another website, but i totally agree with you.
    back in high school, we had a girl who’d apply make-up before practice and we just thought it was the funniest thing. needless to say, she never made it to varsity!

  3. Sonu Nigam is wins hands down!

    Bhagyashree’s dress kinda resembles the one worn by Deepika..the neckline, work on it and the prints going on.

  4. Bhagyashree looks comparatively better but agree the purse, the design of the dress and the color of the bag and dress are clashing big time! Her dress looks similar to the one Deepika wore to the Kimaya store opening…

    Hate to say this, but Shriya is just like Vidya only slightly slimmer…

  5. Sha! Sonu is trying his best to look starry all the time.. hate the attitude – what with hair style changing to look more dude-ish..

    That stole looks funny to me.. and yeah why is it knotted??? a stole?? something wrong here..

    hehe check out the guy behind Saran.. dont know where he is looking..;) i cant blv it .. Saran is pretty and not very well dressed in public and she finds a running event to look dressed up!! God !

    I agree that Bhagyashree dress looks like Deepikas.. and if this is a WTH.. then that should be too.. Technically i dont like the dress or the cut- but Bhagyashree looks great!

  6. They are all awful.
    The running picture is actually funny. You guys should start a fashion humour section this is beyond wth …it more like wthaha


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