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For it’s seventh anniversary, Vogue kicks off a social awareness initiative ‘Vogue Empower’ that has gotten the support of several celebs some of them featuring on the Oct cover.

Catch the full cover inside.


Left: Prabal Gurung, Fall 2014
Center: Deepika Padukone and Kangana Ranaut on Vogue Oct 2014
Right: Alexander McQueen, Fall 2014


Left: Zac Posen
Right: Alia Bhatt and Barkha Dutt (In Sabyasachi) on Vogue Oct 2014


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  1. The most ridiculous cover I’ve seen… Saw it and wanted to throw up… Are these the only Empowered people they could find in the whole country? NINE from the film industry and only THREE from without?

    • Until your comment…. no one would have pointed that…. but its a fashion cover not like forbes… so i guess they keep it to their world of glam. oh also, these are the celebs supporting the cause not ’empowered’

    • I agree completely! What about men and women in sports… politics… Women reaching the pinnacle of success in the corporate world… Women like Naina Lal Kidwai… Chanda Kochar… Shubalakshmi Panse!! But no.. they had to have the current crop of movie stars on the front cover! Talk about women empowerment when all Vogue India cared about was putting gorgeous looking people from the entertainment world on it’s covers!

      • True. Plus, if they only wanted good looking folks on the cover, why not feature Mary Kom, Sania Mirza or Deepika Pallikal too?
        As it is, until I see the issue myself, I will continue to be confused as to what exactly they mean by “empowerment”. The cover isn’t exactly clear on that point.

    • I agree. I have a couple of bones to pick with this cover. One is the Bollywash of the spread. As if Bollywood stars are all they can find to represent empowered India. And if it had to be from the cinema world, then why not widen the search? Never mind the fact that elsewhere in the world Indian cinema = Bollywood, why must these so called Indian publications sing the same tune? Have they not heard of cinema from Tamil, Telugu, Kannada or Malayalam industries? Yeah, but this second one is a minor gripe compared to the first more pertinent point eclat makes. At least that ubiquitous beardie Amitabh Bachchan and that stuttering hamster SRK are not there.

      • Agree with what you said. But a small correction, there is representation from Tamil cinemas – A R Rahman. Just in the past decade he has been doing sole Bollywood movies too along with Tamil ones. Earlier they just dubbed his Tamil songs into Hindi ones.

  2. Seriously I want to know if Deepika has signed a contract with Anaita, as her personal stylist, to get her on Vogue’s cover atleast twice a year. So sick of her.
    I know it’s for an initiative and all, but they could’ve put Alia on the cover with Kangana.
    Coming back to the cover, Kangana looks ravishing and Alia is sizzling.

  3. With the colour red theme running through, it looks more like a cover for Stardust. Froze when I was Barkha Dutt, I don’t have to question her credibility, I know she lost it years ago. It’s a shame those are the only ’empowered’ people they could find. Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt..my God, so cliche. Vogue India has been going down the crapper, now we know it deserves to stay in the bin.

    I wonder if you’ll publish my comment.

  4. It just looks like a hodgepodge of people. Almost as if the people at Vogue just pulled Bollywood names out of a hat and added the “non-celebrity” ones as an afterthought.

  5. They are just interested in selling copies and that can only happen with famous airbrushed faces……. Do you really suppose Vogue is interested in real intellectual people who’ve made any substantial contribution to society.

  6. A stunning red Mysore silk sari, a sweet smile and a face that reflects character and an inner core of steel. Amidst all the wannabes in their designer outfits, Sudha Murthy stands alone with her individuality and beauty. She doesn’t just take the cake, she takes the whole damn bakery!

  7. best of all is Sudha murthy and AR rehaman , Aamir and ranveer such a hunk
    and seriously Alia Belongs here ? and she has been photoshopped to extent not to recognize

  8. Not that I want to continue the debate, but the-now famous picture of the women of ISRO, sarees flowers et al, celebrating the Mars mission just says.it.all. Sudha Murty and you ladies, salute for being truly “worth it”, and in your own eyes, too!

    • Gave me mixed feelings. There was no representation of the younger generation of women in the pictures..Unlike the ‘all male’ picture. What happened to the women? 2 b z typ in lk dis ?


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