Wearing It Again

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Giving her crochet Chloé dress another go was Ms. Padukone at Shah Rukh’s birthday party that is being celebrated in Alibaug as we write this.

We sure like!

Left: At Shah Rukh Khan’s Birthday Party
Right: At IIFA 2016

Pic Courtesy: Instagram

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  1. I love that she repeats clothes and accessories; she recently took her Philip Lim pants out for a spin again. Same goes for Twinkle Khanna as well-makes their fashion more relatable.

  2. Genuine question: what happens to all of the clothes these celebs wear after one outing . Do they just endorse it and give it back to the label ?if yes, does the label resell it to public ? Or do they get to keep it?( what’s the point, most of them don’t repeat anyway) , they donate it? Or just box it, lock it and store it? If we did the math 364* new dress each day * no of celebs..phew that’s a lot of junk accumulation. That goes with shoes, bags,accessories and everything else. We common ppl sweat it to earn it, and preserve it as a priced possession, I wonder what happens to all of these celebs wardrobes :/ ?? #Thursday thinking

    • Usually the company resells it. The big brands will have press sizes which they will circulate amidst stylists for celebrities. The top brands may keep something a celebrity has worn has just a piece for display but the smaller ones resell it after dry cleaning.


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