Twice As Nice?

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The Toronto premiere of Chandni Chowk To China saw Deepika in a black Shantanu-Nikhil lehenga seen on her already when she attended the India Day celebrations in New York. Except, she did wear it better this time and that Kundan necklace is just exquisite!

Deepika Padukone, ‘Chandni Chowk To China’ Toronto Premiere, Jan 2009


Deepika at India Day Celebrations in New York, Aug 2008


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  1. on the top two pics she looks like a girl who is about to throw her Dupata away and dance hard to the song Aja Nachle, her outfit looks more of a show piece than actual something you would wear for a function

  2. this is better than her other outfits, more young atleast.

    But I can’t understand why such a big indian supermodel doesn’t look more high fashion when she’s out at big premiers?
    Also High fashion doesn’t mean western, it is possible in indian outfits too.

    Thinking obout it, I think one of the main reasons is that deepika looks too traditional indian (thats why she looks ready for a wedding always), unlike ash who can make any outfit look right, even if its awful.

    Since she’s worn this twice, does this mean she owns it?

  3. This time around she displayed the outfit in its full glory. I like the hair tied up as well compared to last time. Last time she looked bleh..

  4. i think this is the best of all the 3 indian oufits she has worn so far in promoting chandni chowk to china town..maybe they gave her a MM creation to wear and she took one look at the atrocity and was like ‘nahinnnn’ i’d rather wear something i already own/worn before than another shiny blinged out outfit..anyway, it’s kind of nice to see that celebs do repeat their outfits and this time she looks better than her 1st appearance in the parade..

  5. I don’t like this one either it looks a bit confused to me… you have the butta work with a lace with gold underlay and then the shrunken corset. I see contrast but IMO this doesn’t work texture wise. I feel the lehenga and duppata clash instead of working off each other.

  6. Shi, I’m totally with you. Each piece of the outfit looks misplaced, as if someone took each piece from three separate outfits. While this probably was the intention of the designers, they didn’t execute it well. Some designers (obviously such as Sabyasachi) have that ability, but Shantanu and Nikhil do not.

    The necklace is divine, and should have been paired with a more worthy outfit.

  7. To be honest, I am hating all of deepika’s outfits/looks during the CCTC promotions.. to top that she looks much older than she is with these hairstyles..

  8. Pretty this time around, definitely. She needs to work on those eye bags but what gorgeous eyes! I gotta second Kismet on the Deepika/Ash take.

  9. She looks good….but I think if she’s going for the indian look she should stick to sarees. They look far more elegant and appropriate for a premiere event versus lenghas….they seem a bit too bridal and OTT to me. That being said, the LA saree was still a disaster to me!

  10. who oh WHY?
    her makeup and jewlery are stunning- and I love her
    but this outfit is …weird
    the lace I understand (trend) and the top is,,, and the dupatta I LURVE but together- very blech

  11. The three pieces of the outfit- top, bottom and dupatta- are such an awkward combination, She could much better, I am not liking it at all except for that stunning necklace:D


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