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Wearing her favorite pair of distressed denims with a white tank and nude pumps, Deepika was photographed in Mumbai recently. With her hair in a knot, it only took a Chloé ‘Paraty’ bag to finish out the actor’s off-duty look.

P.S: Want to score a designer bag like Chloé but can’t afford the $$$? Go here to score some pre-loved ones!


Deepika Padukone

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Speaking of love for designer bags…I know that external links or surveys are not allowed on this website so I’m asking this in the comments. I ask this for purely academic reasons.
    Ladies (and gents), what do you think of a bag from a luxury house, whose USP is its sustainability (without compromising on design and quality of course). For example, let’s say the bag was made from a cruelty-free material and made by well-paid and well-treated employees. When you pick up the bag, you can read its story, where it was made, out of what, which country it comes from – not in the form of a soulless label, but as a story (An absolutely true story mind you).
    If you had the money, would you consider buying this bag over another one from the same brand and around the same price? Would the bag’s “green” credentials matter to you at all? Or do you only look at the design/cool factor when you have to spend a lot of money on a designer bag?
    I would love to hear the opinion of my beloved high-heeled confidentials here.
    P&P, I would really appreciate it if you allowed this comment and would be over the moon if you shared your own preference. Thank you!!

    • I would definitely consider the bag and wouldn’t mind spending that extra bit for something with its own unique story which would make it one of its kind. Exclusivity is a luxury in itself!!

    • One of the reasons I stay away from designer bags is because of the horrific stories about animal cruelty for leather and the underpaid employees. So yes I will absolutely buy a designer bag if
      1. It looks classy and has functionality. I hate bags that are just a beautiful jhola.
      2. There is guarantee about no cruelty towards humans or animals.
      3. It has the status symbol factor. (Else why buy a designer bag at all).

    • I would be interested in the kind of bag you’ve described. I think it’s important to know that the employees were paid fairly and treated well.

    • Green credentials DO matter. I would love to get a bag with a story. I for one don’t use any leather or fur bags that includes leather shoes & watches too. It is highly difficult to buy something really good if its non leather and even if it there are options it is uber expensive.

    • yes I would absolutely buy a bag like that. One reason I buy Stella mccartney bags is coz its non leather… And would support every designer who goes the cruelty-free way… The green credentials work as the USP for me…

    • My partner recently gifted me a Forever21 Clutch (Yeah, I am in my early 20s). I always wondered how this brand always managed to manufacture classy designs at such reasonable prices, and now I know the reason about it’s workers working in sweatshop like conditions and other things. I haven’t used the clutch till now but I believe I won’t go ahead in purchasing forever 21 stuff henceforth. I know you wouldn’t call forever21 one of those luxury brands but it’s an international name at the end. The point that I wish to hammer is –
      Through it’s designing and pricing strategy, Forever21 unintentionally planted a seed in the minds of customers like me, they provoked me to think regarding their low prices. And now that I know their “behind the scenes” strategy, I believe, it completes that circle which had started as a dubious seed in my mind. It’s a story isn’t it? albeit a dark one! (Not that its the only brand practising such things but anyway). So yeah, I think it’s about which stories affect you and which doesn’t!

      I think when it comes to indulgences, stories are very important. Because there is more than one value attached to the “thing” than just the price! It elevates the sense of owning such a thing and what we then flaunt is the story behind it. Like for example: When I would see someone with a LV Bag, what I then wonder is, “Oh! Wow she owns a bag, the manufacturers of which, never put their stuff on sale! They burn their unsold stock!” (even though they DO go on a sale, I know it now, lol).

      Further, being a marketing student and now that I work in the same field, stories are very important to me. Because they bring forward a CONCEPT. If I can relate to the concept somewhere, I will naturally be inclined towards such a thing. If I don’t like some part of their story or brands with no story, I sincerely don’t believe in paying just “for the name”. So I hope you got my answer there.

      • I agree. Forever21, H&M, Zara – all of the fast fashion brands are big offenders. It is sheer slavery by any definition. Not to mention that their business model thrives on poor quality “trendy” products that will need to be replaced within a year, which is not a very sustainable option. Which is why luxury brands are touted as the sustainable alternative. I know of certain “bags with a story”, but was just thinking about it from a luxury strategy perspective. #WannabeConsultant 🙂
        Thank you very much for your response buy the way.
        And thank you P&P for this opportunity!!

  2. Thats a really cool idea Melange. I would absolutely buy such a bag. I am not a big fan of leather being a vegetarian and all…


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