A Theme? Part Deux

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We are seeing a pattern to Deepika’s appearances! The red does her good but the green… Not so much!


Left: Deepika Padukone on Oye! Its Friday
Center and Right: Deepika Padukone at ‘Chandni Chowk To China’ Press Meet In New York


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  1. omg! she exposed a ear in that hairstyle for “Oye! Its Friday”. that is a first. don’t think I have seen her in a single other hairstyle that does that.

  2. Oh pretty is such an understatement!! 🙁 I would kill for her height and girth 😉 She looks good in both dresses.. Refreshing to see her in new tied back hairdo’s, however simple they may be!!

  3. Stunning!! I was so hoping she would wear a red dress in the US, after seeing her pictures on the Farhan Akhtar show. CC2C will be a mainstream release.. and will get her a lot of exposure. So this look will take her miles ahead compared to the green.

  4. I don’t like it! I have noticed that I don’t like Deepika in dresses like these. She always looks a little uncomfortable in ’em. Saris complement her more.

    Also the hair are kind of WThey…

  5. @nefertiti

    she keeps her ears covered most of the time cause her right ear is really weird rectangular shape…there was a closeup of it in some other website at the chandini chowk to china toronto premier. shes perfect, but her only flaw is her large weirdly shaped right ear.


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