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We already told you how you can find the Love Aaj Kal special apparel pieces at Shoppers Stop in India. Well, if you don’t have one close by, not to worry, because you can also order the Haute Curry kurta’s and the I Jeanswear tees online. If you want one bad, you better get them quick since they are selling out fast.

You can check out more Love Aaj Kal apparel online here.

Thanks ‘Simran’ for the tip-off.

P.S. Shoppers Stop ships only within India but if you really want one, you may have someone to buy it and then ship it to you. 😛


Haute Curry Love Aaj Kal Kurta ( Buy )


Haute Curry Love Aaj Kal Kurta ( Buy )


I Jeanswear Love Aaj Kal Tee ( Buy )

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  1. there are certain clothes that look good on screen and fit a certain character. the kurtis are like that. i would never wear those in real. and why would anyone want to wear the exact same thing that someone wore in a movie? LOL! i like the style not so much the items.

  2. i would never wear any of this stuff…it may look fine on movie sets but definitely not for real life…

    those kurtis in particular are quite an eye sore…

  3. heh, remember the time when every small store front in commerical street would have the the hum aapke hain kaun backless choli and the green blouse. those did looks very cool then…:)

    these aren’t so radically cool or unique to me.

  4. I wouldn’t wear them. Like a few others have said – what looks good in movies, doesn’t have to look good in real life.
    And personally, I don’t like those mid-length sleeves!

  5. i actually own one tht has similar print and color like the second one.. i wasn’t a fan of it at first & just bought thm in a group but i actually liked it whn i paired with super skinny dark jeans.. they look cute..

  6. The kurtas are good for tall girls who still can manage to show some legs in tights / skinny jeans. not for avaerage heights. These kurtas the only thing which made me like deppika… else i think she has a very “smilar expressions all the time” face. no real emotions.

  7. Nisha – I don’t think the movie used a realistic shop , these outfits were designed by a designer for Deepika (I saw it in the making of the song, but I don’t remember the name of the designer) and then SS copied these – they are big demand in India.

  8. Agree with some people here… why would I buy and wear sth which is being played on every tv channels :p And I think this type will more suit tall and skinny people which I am neither :S

  9. Wearing what actors wear in the movies is SOO 80s and 90s. This publicity gimmic is not going to work. Who is going to spend money on this piece of crap, especially when the fit and quality is so BAD?

  10. Ha hahahaha laughing at Mrug’s comment ….that’s why when the SATC movie came out the Dior gladiators, the Eiffel tower bag and the Blue satin Manolo Blahniks were on everybody’s shopping list and that’s why the Maggie London dress that Miranda wore sold out. Product placement in terms of clothes and products on TV via movies is very much relevant .. …in fact it’s a very very effective way of reaching a wider audience especially TODAY (err with the internet and other channels)
    You might just be an outlier…

  11. looks like i’m the only one who actually liked it enough to get it 🙂
    i took your advice and ordered it to someone’s address in india! lol
    i really loved that kurta. its adorable
    and while wearing what actors wear is cheesy…i wanted it more cuz i love it…not cuz i’m a big fan of deepika (def not!)

  12. hai! hai! i am in england. i went to mumbai in august and my husband bought me the same kurta for my birthday. i love it. the fitting was excellent and comfortable.Many people admired it, wear it and enjoy it. but what a shame the don’t post it to outside india. Coz i was going to buy it for my sister for her birthday.


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