In Ralph and Russo Couture

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Deepika did red head to toe at the Filmfare Awards wearing a red gown Ralph & Russo Couture with a red lip and red sandals. Now, some of you may feel a bit overwhelmed by all the red but I, for one, loved it!

P.S. Her jewellery is from Anmol.

P.P.S. To all those folks who didn’t believe me when I said she did get tanned, I present you some very good evidence. 😛


Deepika Padukone at Filmfare Awards 2016


Deepika Padukone at Filmfare Awards 2016

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The dress looks good. Her face, not so much. Buns do not suit her, they actually age her. If she likes to tie her hair, simple braids may look better. Can’t wait to see her getting styled like before, maybe a year back.

  2. Love Love Love! nothing to fault here. As pnp said RED HOT! Also I like her tanned complexion much more than the paler one. This is more like Deepika!

  3. This is her real gorgeous skin color. Can we please stop calling it something else? I really hope she has the guts to stay this way and not whitewash again. Btw p&p really disappointed that you never say anything about white girl washing but make a big deal over tanning and bronZers. Many of us are Indians and many of us are brown. It is beautiful. Face it.

  4. On paper this could and should have worked . But it doesn’t . It looks like abit of a hot mess and the reason is the overly greasy makeup . I don’t like the actual shade if red used either and maybe a low ponytail would have looked better than the very severe bun .
    Because everyone else looked so plain and disappointing , deepika was still the pick of the lot though .

  5. I think she looks freakin awesome. How gorgeous is her skin tone? She is gleaming!
    And I like her hair tied up. I dont think it ages her, I think it adds that sexy mature look to her.

  6. Reminds me of Katrina in Cannes. Does she need to get tan when she has a gorgeous sultry complexion? I only like the glitters on the gown!

    • I love it! Uber glamorous and total red carpet material! The hair is a little severe but I don’t mind it at all. Totally high fashion and it adds a little androgyny to the look which I’m completely digging. Also, love the tan! What gorgeous complexion.

  7. She got tanned. Naturally, from a beach vacation. I’ve known her personally since she was a kid and she has a much lighter complexion than this. This is not her real skin tone (though gorgeous).
    So when the tan eventually fades away she is going to *naturally* look her lot lighter, which would be her real skin tone!
    Hope we can all get over this topic now!
    She looks stunning here and totally owns the look.


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