Of Promotions: Part Deux


Friday for Deepika at Cannes began again with a white tee and denims combo, this time the outfit channeling a 70s vibe with the wide legged Frame ones. She then changed into a purple Victoria Hayes pant suit wearing it with a sleek side parted do and a defined kohl rimmed under eye. Her third look was a metallic Albert Ferretti gown paired with a traditional red lip.

Between the makeup in the suit and the metallic gown, the looks seemed a bit Cleopatra inspired. Having said that, I love a well-tailored one toned suit and that just had to be my favorite from what we’ve seen so far today.



  1. Pics don’t do justice at all !!!
    I wish u can upload a vdo here coz she looked amazing in all
    How can anyone do basic soooooo perfect … once again white and jeans and how stunning does she look.
    The purple doesn’t really photograph that well but in the vdo she look smokin hot

    • I still think despite the bad pics that u mention, that purple look was stellar and unlike anything she has done before.
      Loved the denim look too.
      The gown – meh, been done to death by her and others.

  2. Gosh..! That was a quick switch from trying to ruling.. love the purple suit and the metallic gown.. jeans hot as well.

  3. It is so frustrating that she is representing a makeup brand and her eye makeup continues to make her look haggard in each appearance!

  4. Suit and denim looks are good but not striking. Just cant warm up to her looks now a days may be because she is bored or just not owning them. Can someone tell me what kind of bra would she be wearing for the white tee look, they looks so neat :)

  5. I like the purple pant suit a lot. Its not at all easy doing one tone pant suit but she is working it like a Queen. The denim and metallic gold dress was part of her photoshoot and I think they’ll look quite good once the prints come out. Shaleena is finally doing right by Deepika. Thank God for that.

  6. Why so much negativity around her looks these days? I personally think she looks amazing and anything she tries always meets with criticism. She fares so much better than her peers and looks decent and fashionable. I know it is a personal opinion but I’m seeing people constantly hating her looks – yawn, boring etc. It makes me want to ask – what do they think she should wear? Can they describe their “perfect” look for her instead of constantly shitting on her looks for no reason?

    • The criticism is not just for the heck of it. I am big of her and i think many of her followers agree that she is not herself (read: 2012-2016)

    • I don’t think disliking someone’s fashion sense (which is what they are showcasing at events like MET and Cannes) is called “hating”. It’s simply critiquing. No one seems to defend other celebs as much as DP fans defend her, and natural beauty doesn’t get you a free pass on fashion blogs, especially when you’ve set such a high standard in the past. And if you read the comments here, you’ll notice most people appreciating her run at Cannes, so loosen up.

      Coming to these looks, really like the purple suit, it’s a colour we haven’t really seen on DP before and she is working it! Also loveeed her pink gown on the red carpet.

  7. Deepika looks good and these looks would’ve been fantastic for an upcoming movie promotion, the suit being my favorite. Her outfits have been lacking a certain je ne sais quoi for Cannes. Having said that, she (and her stylist) seem to be taking more chances than her last’s year’s appearance and kudos to them for it!

  8. Much prefer Deepika’s Day 2 looks! I love the purple suit and the styling with that look on her and the one with the jeans!

  9. She is looking fantastic in the purple suit…that hairstyle takes it up several notches. The other two looks are no less fab. Good run this far.

  10. Just when I thought the Albert Ferretti gown looks familiar. Romee Striijd also wore the same gown, just in different colour.
    Amazing suit. Just not the fan of the colour.
    And about the third look, this is how basics are done. Smoking Hot!!

  11. I’m speachless….she looks absolutely stunning. Love the purple suit on Deepika; she should wear that color more often. Gosh she looks fantastic in all the outfits.


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