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Deepika attended a meeting last week wearing a Balenciaga long sweatshirt with denims, pumps and chain handle bag from Stella McCartney. The outfit seemed a bit too dressy for a daytime meeting but given the extended lockdown, I don’t blame her for going all out.

Like the outfit?

Deepika Padukone

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This is my winter uniform in Minnesota (the non-designer version, of course, with tennis shoes or boots/booties; and layering depending on the weather).

    The weather inappropriateness of this outfit makes it difficult to critique, fashion wise.

    I can’t imagine how hot that’d feel even in countries that are currently in what we Minnesotans consider “fake winter” season (southern hemisphere).

    Her outfit is as odd & out of place as that fan in the outdoors.

  2. Sweater and jeans…doesnt seem too dressy..seems quite appropriate (probably not weather appropriate if it was mumbai though)

  3. WHERE was the meeting? India? I wonder why she is wearing such a chunky sweater. She looks great but somehow really really skinny not sure if it is the angle or got stretched out in email/text 🙂

  4. Her new hair cut makes her face look drowsy, I like the pants and pink shoe any day.. can’t help but think there’s a tiny crop top under the gigantic red robe! That’s the only reason I see to wear it.

  5. Weather inappropriateness aside she looks odd . It’s a good look on paper ( or on someone else ) but she doesn’t seem to carry it . Looks forced

  6. I think Baggy long sweater + Flare jeans + Pumps is not a good look on anyone. But I have seen this look on fashion blogs abroad labeled as “chic”. I guess I just don’t understand fashion.

    • Agreed! I am in Bangalore and I was thinking exactly that I would probably wear this in the current weather in Bangalore. Of course not everyone her would. But It’s also my body type. I feel very cold very easily…
      I mean I don’t know where she is and all that but I am just saying I would wear this in some weathers in India…

  7. Wait, isn’t it July? I get that you’re in air-conditioned spaces all the time, but maybe dress more appropriately for the weather and turn down the AC instead. Better for the environment :/

  8. I guess she didn’t get the memo on Mumbai weather ?

    If we are talking fashion….how is it fashionable to wear the most inappropriate (climate wise) clothes?

    Anything in the name of fashion ?????

  9. I just checked the temperature of Mumbai from 12th July cause I am bored haha. And it says high low 27 degrees Cel :S. Don’t understand how she is comfortable in that sweater.

  10. Love Deepikae. She is always fabulous. But really don’t understand the trend of sweatshirts..?..almost every celeb seems to be obsessed with it..Nowadays celebs hardly reflect their personal style. Rather it has become like ‘keeping up or running behind stupid trends’


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