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Ms. Padukone attended a Chhapaak screening on Friday, more promotional events on Saturday and then flew to Lucknow early Sunday morning. What stayed constant was the tapered style bottoms.

Have a favorite?

She is wearing a Rokh striped shirt (Far left), Aje in the red, Ashish sequin denims and a Zara sweater.

Deepika Padukone
Far Left: Mumbai Airport
Left, Right: Chhapaak Promotions
Far Right: Chhapaak Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Deepikaji, aapke upar ranveerji aur shaleenaji ke sangat ka bohot bura asar ho rahaa hai. Itne paison ke baad bhi agar aap aise dikhte hain, toh aap itne ameer hain ki aap apne aap ko batsurat banaa sakte hain. Meri aapse binati hai ki aap apne pati me kapdon se aur shaleenaji ki baaton se door rahein.

  2. Oh Deepika, please relieve Ranveer from his stylist duties and please wow us with some stunning looks like what you had been doing in the beginning of the Promotions…

  3. Somebody wrote “Deepika can look good even in a sack…” I think she’s just trying to prove that point, just wear all the atrocious outfits…
    I don’t have any explanation for all her weird looks for this leg of promotion…

  4. What’s up with all the ugly pants! Half her chappak looks could have been saved with simple cigarette pants or skinny denims. Her stylist and her really need to know how to tone it down. Lately she comes across as gimmicky. Don’t know if it is Ranveer’s influence or her stylist’s failure. She does not have the personality like Ranveer to carry off such over the top looks. She looks best when she dresses simple and let’s her natural beauty shine.

  5. Of the Endless skin care regimes and body wellness they do.. coming out dressed like this is a wash off of all the up keep. I can see a glowing Deepika head to toes, wrapped in I’ll fitting frumpy clothes.

  6. Guys, honestly what she’s wearing looks so comfortable. Female celebrities are always stuffed into tight dresses, must be tiring. Let her chill and be khullam khulla. Also, if by any chance she’s pregnant, these clothes make life so much easier.

  7. There is something particularly obscene about turning up so stylised for a movie about an acid attack victim which is most probably peddling the narrative that we should look beyond shallow exterior and beauty of individuals. Would have really liked it if Deepika walked the talk and embraced her natural look for this movie’s promotions atleast.

  8. This stylist must be fired immediately. Does deepika only have yes men in her team who can’t call this out loud?blook, the empress has horrid clothes!

  9. Maybe she dresses like this to get noticed more than usual. Be in the news for her OTTness. To get attention for her movie. That’s the purpose of these promotions, right? I possibly can’t think of any other reason for such travesty. #halfglassfull

    She is such a gorgeous woman … and this … makes the heart cry a little. 🙁

  10. @thinkbeforeyoupose, what you said rings true. Given her narrative during press meets, I wish her looks were less gimmicky. Less ghetto and a bit more natural. I’m sure she and her team have their own vision on this promotion but somehow it hasn’t come though, just seeing the OTT and and loud. Pity.

  11. She is clearly experimenting…the red on red look is the worst of the lot. The sequined denim look is balanced with a knotted tank….and she looks fresh in it….other looks are just baad…..pls change it up.DP


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