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Deepika, who is in London for CE promotions, dropped by the Lorraine Show studios today alongwith SRK. For her appearance, it was a coral Gaurav Gupta draped gown.

While waist up she looked gorgeous, the hemline being so high above the ground really bothered. Just us?


Deepika Padukone at Chennai Express Promotions in London

Photo Credit: Twitter, Viral Bhayani

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  1. Totally.. the way the gown ends is really bothersome…even the shoes are not right.. for me she looks too tired and could care less to make the look work

  2. it does seem most unlike her, the shoes showing so glaringly. maybe because it’s for TV and she’d be mostly photographed sitting down?

  3. Why are you guys so biased towards deepika and sonam ? If PC was wearing this she would get a lot of flak for gaudy makeup and being overdresed. Deeps look is so OTT, so not appropriate for a show like itv. She should take it easy on the makeup.

  4. its da same hair, same lip color ..just changed her dress..just plain boring..n this dress plain drab!! waste of such gorgeous face n body!!

  5. LOL..she must have read comments on previous post featuring DP…that is what i exactly meant by “electric pole” she should not wear the heels….and the front of this gown looks like the pallu of saree…is there any intresting back desgin also?? every other women is wearing red lipstick now a days :\

  6. She couldn’t wear a lower heeled shoe or flats because it has been raining all day in London (and most places in England). She’d have ruined the hemline w/ rain and

    • well then, why opt for the outfit anyway!
      she could have opted for something else all together? we all know it rains all the while in england, dnt we!!

  7. Tacky Oh Tacky, oh tacky tacky tacky re (sorry this himmatwala song came to my head instantly when I saw the hemline)

    Looks terrrrrrrrrrrible, cant imagine Deeps would commit a faux pas as this, that even us common folks wouldnt!

  8. Oh the hemline! I just hope it didn’t show on TV, or she wore those heels only outside, and not for the taping. That can be the only explanation.

  9. She wore heels because of the rains but was spotted inside the venue wearing mojris and the length is not a problem when wearing the mojris…find out more pics on deepikapfc on twitter


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