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Wearing brown leather pants with black boots and a black crop top paired with a knotted shirt, Deepika flew out of Mumbai early Wednesday morning. Just as I was getting more appreciative that Ms. Padukone had ditched her need to be overtly styled while travelling and was opting for comfort, she goes and gives us this look. Shaking my head.

P.S. She is carrying a Gucci Diana bag.

Deepika Padukone

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Her pants look ugly, her hair looks nice though. If international, she must be traveling first class and probably will change in her private bathroom soon after liftoff, unless she was taking a commuter plane to Bangalore and chose to wear this ugliness the whole 4 hours 🙂 Bollywood lives to ape/copy HW for EVERYTHING.
    I guess they have not picked up a People mag or something, when celebs are spotted at US airports they are always in shorts or sweats, relaxed and unpretentious

    BW is super extra and gaudy (I know I will be told we got voting rights because of Deepika she is the poster child of feminism and freedom so by dressing up how she wants she “lifts all of us up” etc 😛

  2. Those pants look amazing on her but I don’t like how they’re styled here. I’ve got a similar pair so might be biased. The Gucci Diana bag is doing nothing for me. It just looks for uninspired and boring.

  3. Waist up, I love it! Full look, had my head swirling. How could someone envision all those things together, I much wonder. The weirdest part are the shoes. It looks like pumps worn on grey stocking or socks!

  4. No man, so bad, uncomfortable and cheap looking. She was doing awesome with her relaxed looks. Sometimes the hairstyle makes her look…………..

  5. She is the queen of polarizing looks. Sometimes she knocks it out of the park and other times she gives us this.
    Her hair looks very nice though.

  6. Leather pants rolled up? i’m not liking the mix of black and brown, i’ve always stayed away from this. it needed a jumper or a figure hugging top not a TOPKNOT

    • Rolled up pants/sleeves is so Shaleena. Every time Deepika is dressed in loose white shirt and metallic or leather pants, always feels as if she is emulating Shaleena’s style. And somehow her fans seem to like it

  7. The hair looks so luscious, great color also. And that is where the look ends. Neck down – No. Those items individually including the socks look fine. Together looks like she was challenged to pick things with her eyes closed and dress herself up in 5 mins.


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