In Just Cavalli

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Remember that dress that both Deepika and her namesake wore? Turns out it was a Cavalli and what we thought were fish scales are supposed to be a feather print.

But, why do they still look like fish scales to me? Say it isn’t just me! (But, it probably is!)


Left: Deepika at Aspire Dubai Launch
Right: Just Cavalli Feather Print Bustier Dress

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  1. feathers?? really?? I tired but it still looks like fish scales to me.
    @Surbhi: designers dish out stupid clothes all the time!! even the best ones!!

  2. when u look at it by itself, its quite a stunning dress! really! and fish scales were in vogue at that time.. though it works for some people and it doesnt for most

  3. Fish scales or feathers, Deepika is SO beautiful, she can carry it off.
    The dress looks amazing on her, but then I suspect even if she was wearing a potato sack she’d still make it look good.
    Personally I like the dress and I’d totally wear it (if I was taller 🙂


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