Day 5: Swapan And Seema

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Swapan and Seema’s collection was dominated by Indian clothes; saris, salwar-kameezes, lehengas and some dresses with Indian influences. Color pallette for the most part stayed muted and delicate but I loved the brown that they used…

The collection didn’t stray far from the tried and tested and was really safe. Saris were delicate and lehengas stayed fresh because they weren’t overworked! Some of the longer dresses were a surprise, they were simple and chic! And short day dresses were cute and young!

But like I said, the collection was very safe, and so, not much did stand out! This was yet another show that was way too safe and uninspired which is turning out to be a bit characteristic of quite a few shows I’ve been watching.

For more pictures of the show go Here


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