Day 5: Falguni And Shane Peacock


    I really liked Falguni and Shane Peacock’s collection. The colors were bright, prints were delightful, embellishments were well thought out and the cuts worked. The collection was a smorgasbord of luxurious fabrics, prints, colors and textures!

    I didn’t care for the longer gowns, but the shorter ones and the tops worked! Sure, some pieces were OTT but they were OTT in a kitschy way so I can’t really complain.

    What I can’t get over is our Bollywood obsession. Amrita Arora walked the ramp. In some monstrosity. Looking quite out of her element and trying way too hard. Do people still say ‘whatever’ ? Because, I’d like to. Whatever.

    Barring the celeb intrusion, loved the show.

    For more pictures of the show go Here



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