Day 2: Ranna Gill

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Ranna Gill for this collection of hers drew inspiration from Havana and its easy to see how! Her clothes had that retro colorful vibe and the designs screamed vintage… And the sense of ‘fun’ never really goes away and that screams ‘Havana’ to me!

While some pieces were serious design, and you know they’d sell fast and quick, there were others which were just really fun and all inspiration! She didn’t take herself too seriously and played up the theme really well!

I thought the prints were great!The colors were rich and vibrant and the detailing was understated but really well executed! How great was the belt detailing on those fabulous, printed swimsuits? The dresses all had interesting hemlines and detailed necklines which really set them apart! And I loved the scallop detailing that made its way here and there on a dress or two or or on a top, now and then! Oh, and a mention goes out for the way she used ‘floral’, discreet without being over the top! All, good design!

For more pictures of the show go Here


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