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Mr. Louboutin was spotted at the Louis Vuitton monogram celebration event wearing a Rohit Bal sherwani from the designer’s latest Spring 2015 collection.

Instead of wearing the ornate sherwani a traditional way, he wore it more like a tuxedo jacket over his bow-tie look. Like his take on it?


Left: Rohit Ball, WIFW Spring 2015
Right: Christian Louboutin at Louis Vuittion Monogram Celebration

Photo Credit: Facebook

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  1. M not at all with this look…it looks like he couldn’t find his tuxedo so went this route…atleast bottom does not need to be black…i anyway like our sherwanis the good old way !! no twists here..

  2. I love Mr. Louboutin. He’s made the sherwani work. I always feel like he’s half Indian. Maybe he spent a couple of years in India before he became famous has to do with my guess.

  3. He looks too adorable in spite of the outfit going all wrong. Also, couldn’t help noticing the irony behind the baldies sporting ‘Bal’ 😛 (Ranveer Singh after shaving his hair off).

  4. Not about the outfit, on a lighter note would love to know how he pronounces Rohit Bal’s name, given how much fun we poke at our desi folks who can’t pronounce names of French and Italian designers that they’re wearing.


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