Chloé Delivers Another Miss


    I don’t know what bothers me more about the Chloé Anoushka bag, the fact that it is so ugly or the fact that it is so ugly at $1560.00! Being sold exclusively at Saks, this bizarre wrap-around style bag just doesn’t work!

    Buy Via Saks

    But then, the house of Chloé has been having quite a few misses where bags are concerned. You only need to take one look at the ‘Maya’ and the ‘Kerala’ bags to see what I mean…

    Buy The Large Maya Shoulder Bag (Left) Via NetAPorter
    Buy The Kerala Bowling Bag (Right) Via NetAPorter

    I think the last bag that I liked from Chloé was the Paddington and even then, it was so long ago and so done! Not to mention, how heavy that bag is.. a great way to perhaps tone those arms but I’d personally give it a pass!

    And, what is with all the Indian name references?!?!



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