So High


Jasmine Dawda and Twinkle Khanna have worn one, as have Vidya Malwade and Sophie Chaudhary… and now its Pia’s turn to be spotted in some severe high-waisted pants!!

Wish I had the hips/legs to wear them… for now, its some serious envy! :)


Pia Trivedi At Chivas Fashion Tour, Day One


  1. I don’t know if its just me, but I don’t really like it!!
    The skinnies, the high waist and the Color aren’t really working for me……but then again, it could be just the way she is standing!

  2. Are they really that high? or is it a top that matches the colour of the pants so much so that it looks one.. cause you can see on of the buttons disappearing into the pants and also some semblance of a belt.. but then again I could be totally wrong. All in all I like it.

  3. Wow ! I don’t think I can pull that off with my “Tond” . I have seen Jessica Simpson wear the high waist jeans but they did not look as good. It looked more like a farm girl ‘s overalls that time.

    Oh ! I get it, it is the low waist pants with same color on the top vs. the pants riding up the belly button. Is this the difference ? or is it because I am linking it more because I am seeing more of it?

    Anywho! i can’t pull this off and that the bottom line.

  4. hmm the pants dont look like “true” high-waisted” pants…anyhow even if they were…she has the figure to carry them off…they would look disastrous on me….this is a trend very few people can pull off…and can look very stylish if done right…

  5. To me they do look like high waisted pants. The belt is just worn on top of them, and depending on how you’re standing/sitting, one of the buttons can easily go under the belt.

  6. Pretty sure these are not high-waisted pants. On an aside, doesn’t she look totally different from one pic to another? I mean, I’ve seen so many pics of her & I still don’t recognize her…. if that makes any sense.


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