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Chitrangda served as a judge at the Miss India 2019 pageant and was seen wearing a Ridhi Mehra ruffled sari with earrings from Joolry and rings from Anmol and Zema. The velvet blouse seemed to have a pattern on it but one couldn’t quite make it out and perhaps that’s why the white piping looked a bit out of place.

Ms. Singh sure rocks her signature smoky eyes well but in this occasion I wish she’d gone for a lighter look. All of the black felt a bit heavy. Just me feeling that way?

Chitrangda Singh

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayanigs from

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  1. This women is stunning ! Can’t look past her face.
    She needs a better. Stylist no doubt but she has fared quite well here

  2. I think she is a classic and can rock any look. Not this one however. I think this look is very indian goth.
    Like someone said above she needs a good stylist…not one that puts her in a b’wood mould but someone who knows how to highlight her natural looks

  3. I don’t appreciate commentors using MY nickname, if indeed I was the in fact, the first to use ‘Anon’. ‘They’ should all just call themselves Anonymous. Sorry for my irritation. That said, as the original Anon, here is my byte – she looks beautiful; that saree is a disservice to her.

      • Wow so much hate, people are really haters for truth telling and honesty, from now on I will brand myself, Phd Commenter ! Seems like most HHC commenters like being riled up and getting their panties in a twist.

    • You should patent the nickname if u dont want others to use it.
      Seriouly, how can u tell if you’re the original anon? Did u search the list of comments?
      If we were using original names would u be as indignant if u came across someone with the same name?
      Ranbir and Ranvir must really be catty to each other by these guidelines!
      PS: if u hadn’t already figured out that was my comment and nickname u were riling about, which btw i will continue to use in future comments – more so now 😉
      Live and let live!


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