1. This look is good basic. Not how you guys are going ga-ga over it!
    We;ve seen some other wow-worthy basic looks from a lot of other celebs…
    Dusky skin gets a lot of biased appreciation on this website…


    And this is just to name a few…

    Sorry but thats what I feel.!

    • I agree 100%. Nandita Das as well. It’s not just on this website, but from most people. Ppl seem to bend over backwards to praise dusky skinned people.

    • What about
      sonam kapoor
      Aishwarya Rai
      Kangna Ranaut??

      All those dusky people above get the appreciation they get because they are REALLY good. And Priyanka gets criticized more!

  2. Yup…she sure can work a sack! But on a side note…I don’t like the fit of those jeans..and yes even on Chitragandha!

  3. why not?we live in a unique country where even the ugliest of them called pretty bcos they are fairskinned ,forget ur height,bodyshape or ur features…ur pretty if ur skin is fair


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