Of Launches

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For their respective appearances at different launches, each of these actresses opted for three very different looks. While Charmee looked completely overwhelmed in her outfit, Sheena’s brightly-colored, long talons were a deal-breaker for us. In this match-up, t’was easy to see why Priyamani came out on top for us.

Left: Priyamani
Centre: Sheena
Right, Far Right: Charmee

Photo Credit: Indiaglitz

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    that top looks so ew on priyamani. she has extremely broad shoulders so that ain’t working on her.

    Sheena would look fine if she didn’t awkwardly stand or if she wore a better pair of shoes. But as it is, still better than priyamani

    Charmi’s outfit is just tooo busy….if the bottom was chudi instead of patiala, it would have been miles better.


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