Chanel’s Ankle Purse

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We compiled a list of what we think some folks could also use the purse for! (All suggestions are to be taken with a pinch of salt, of course..)

5. To keep your credit card and phone because you JUST don’t want to carry a big ole bag! (Added bonus: every time you bend to get your phone, you get to do your AB workout…)

4. To store your ankle weights if you are a hardcore jogger.

3. To hide your alcohol ankle monitor if you are on probation.

2. If you are not yet on probation, to hide some miniature vodka bottles!

1. And last but not least..To cover up that ugly “heart” tattoo you got on your ankle for the boyfriend who “guess what!” just dumped you!

Do you have any quirky uses for these bags? We want to hear it!


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  1. now i appreciate why they need u to remove shoes at the airport..

    can they get the purses a lil bigger in size for the vodka bottles please? i wud literally be on all fours to even get the bottle out..


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