A Blast From The Past

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Celina is not a blast from the past but her outfit sure is.

It was nice to see the ‘sharara‘ ‘gharara’, but this outfit is wayyy too busy to make an impression!

What do u think? Fab or quite drab??

P.S. I may be wrong in describing the style, feel free to correct me!

celina_sajjanpur.jpg celina_sajjanpur_close.jpg

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani and TOI

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  1. That particular shade of blue looks rather jarring on the sharara. The tin foil border doesn’t help. Shararas are very pretty but this is something of an eye-sore IMHO.

  2. This looks like a garara to me. Sharara’s are like divided skirts / lehengas whereas gararas are straight until just above the knee when they have a lot of pleats. If you look carefully you’ll see a thin gold embroidered line above her knee before the pleats.

  3. i think she looks nice all covered up…
    the style is gr8 .. i am actually liking the outfit !
    the eyesore is … she shud stop matching her lenses to her outfits !!

  4. it is a lehenga…..like a pant with a biigg flair….
    nyway it seems she has herself designed this dress infact m quit sure abt it…..
    i know her tailor….i got 1 dress stiched by him…
    nyway its not good at all….doesnt look like its done by a professional….

  5. Agree with Megha, def a nightie type look going.

    Also, can someone please convince Celina to wash her face? It is essential to use every single piece of makeup she owns before ever stepping out the door?


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