Celina’s Many Avatars

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Got a favorite?

Far Left: ‘Welcome To Sajjanpur’ Premiere
Left: ‘EMI’ Music Launch
Right: ‘Voice Of India’ Shoot
Far Right: ‘Golmaal Return’ Cast Celebrates Diwali

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


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  1. Honestly every one those outfits looks costumey….the shabnam look, the vixen look, the shobha de look and the bollywood-style banjaara look….and the make-up has been bought at whole sale prices for sure?

  2. the awful caked up makeup!!
    she looks great in the second pic– i think i prefer her in western garb… she looks scary in the indian clothes– especiially with that biiggg red bindi!!!!

  3. someone needs to let her know that her real eye color is brown and it suits her better than those grey contacts and if she wear them as constant as she does now she will go blind

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she looks so scary in each dress…….she uses whole shop of cosmetics to hide her scary look…..she’s having fake blue eyes…actually her eye colour is darkbrown….


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