Hair Scare

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The only excuse for this look could be the two words we’ve come to fear, “In Character“! Else, yikes!


Celina Jaitely At Hello Darling Music Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. is that dress? Why is everyone wearing high waisted stuff again? I mean that was like last year’s fashion wasn’t it? idk…Her hair looks a little crazy though

  2. ohh plzzz sb give this lady wrk and she wld get a stylist…..this blog has everything Romance, laughter etc and she adds Horror to it……blend of emotions

  3. Oh for heavens sake!! Even that Archana Kochar monstrosity looked better on her than this!! What IS with the hair?
    Could she invest in a stylist instead of lenses and hair extensions??

  4. hey guys, yea she might not look great, but in this movie shes playing this character which she needs to dress as if she promotes this movie, she looks weird i agree but thats representing her character,

  5. P & P why is this woman even featured anymore? I feel like I just need to copy & paste the same lame comments over and over again – her OTT makeup , scary eyes, tacky dressing sense – all make for one big hot mess. Yawn.

  6. If this is “in character” what’s the character going to be like! I think the charecter is confused.. she doesnt know weather she’s the sexy secretary, the ghost of the sexy secretary(cause of the lenses & make-up) or may be trying to be a porn star.
    Seriously dont mind the dress.. but that makeup & hair! And to top it all those lenses!!

  7. i have been reading this blog since last 1 n half yr bt nvr felt d need to comment bt dis luk of CJ killed me completely so thought b4 dyin lemme comment, my que is hw cud nebody cum out of home wit sch drastic makup, hair, dress etc. n abv all her pose in 2nd pic is scary….


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