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A ‘yay’ for Celina for having chosen to wear saris to two back-to-back award shows and between the two, I’d have to pick the silk sari from the Apsara Awards even though I really, really dislike that sheer sleeved blouse. It either had to be the sheer sleeved blouse or the sheer floral print sari and we just went ahead picked the lesser evil. 😉

On an aside, she absolutely works the big bindi. Love it.


Celina Jaitely
Left: At Apsara Awards, 2010
Right: At Star Screen Awards, 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. agree..she lookz nice in the black silk saree( me want so bad), but she had to go ahead and put the garish bollywood glamour quotient in it..hence the horrendous blouse…a simpler blouse and neckline and she would have perfected it……

  2. The first sari is awful, how can you guys condone it!! The second one is absolutley gorgeous… Right balance between sexy and classy I think. Her hair looks hot, and yes the bindi suits her.

  3. She looks beautiful however, I wish she had a sleek updo ending in a bun at the Apsara, she would’ve looked more fabulous. The motif on that sheer blouse should have been smaller.

  4. Agreed, love the silk sari. She looks so great and reminds me of the lovely Bengali actresses from the past. LOVELY! I actually do like the sheer blouse. I am a bigger fan of the silk version than the green/red combo – maybe if she parted with those contacts she would look better.

  5. Love the silk saree, but that blouse ruins it. The jewelery’s pretty fabulous too. The second sarees gorgeous – can’t believe she got it right twice!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the black sari. I actually happen to like the sheer blouse, especially coz of the not so sheer motif on the arm.

    Good job Celina!

  7. I actually like everything about the sari on the left. She looks great. She does work the bindi (and she does love her bindi’s I remember she wore it for her swimsuit shoot in Miss Universe – a small bindi). She kind of looks like a crazy witch doctor but that’s because of her contact lenses.

  8. the black-maroon saree is great minus the blouse !!
    But she looks scary to me … (it maybe her eyes, coz i loved her in a portion of golmaal2 wer she had put up black lens)..
    The red bindi for me doesnt work !

  9. I was expecting a WTHey for the first one. What IS that on her sleeve?

    Please guys, don’t become predictable. This is one site I really want to continue loving.


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