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High Heel Baby?

Nope, we aren’t kidding around. Heelarious is a range of high-heeled crib shoes for babies 0-6 months. The shoes are not meant for walking but only for ‘fun factor’ and while we loved the Mary Jane (seen below), the other’s weren’t too impressive.

But, the question is, would you buy one for your baby girl? Get her a head start on her shoe fetish, perhaps? 😉


For more on Heelarious, go here.


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Get The Look!

Many of you commented and wrote in asking about Ayesha’s pumps at the Provogue store launch. Ms. Takia was wearing a “Spectator” style platform pumps that were quite the rage last fall.

Here are a couple to get you started if you already don’t have one. Pair your pumps with denims like Ayesha or let them pop in a simple black dress. The choices are endless.

ayeshaprovogue4.jpg ayeshaprovogue3.jpg

Buy via Nordstorm
Buy via Macy’s
Buy via Amiclubwear
Bid via Ebay

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Photoshoot Wars!

Raima Sen is the latest to sport a Shantanu-Nikhil dress in Filmfare’s June edition, a dress we have previously seen on Shilpa in Verve.

Which look do you prefer? The vibrant Shilpa or the sultry Raima?

Shilpa In Verve
Raima in Filmfare

Shantanu & Nikhil, Spring 2008

Source, Source and Source

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When we suggested that Harman get a different look to separate himself from Hrithik, we really didn’t think he’d go about it this way! But hey, he certainly has set himself apart! For better or for worse?

Need we say which side of the better-worse fence we are sitting on? 😉

harmanbigfm.jpg harmanbigfm1.jpg


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The Grass Is Greener On Either Side

So probably, Rakhi Sawant had been asked to dress that way at the ‘Minto Fresh’ launch (though lets be real, we can’t exactly write off the fact that she might have actually chosen to dress that way!!)… but she once again chose that ‘green’ with excessive bling to wear to the ‘City Of Dreams’ party, and this time she didn’t even have ‘Minto Fresh’ to promote…

Clearly, she is no fashion icon, but at least you now know what not to wear!

(Had she gone easy on the make-up, hair, the bling’y blouse and lost some of the sequins on her sari, it would’ve been a whole different story!)

At Minto Fresh Launch
At ‘City Of Dreams’ Party


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