Again And Again



Spotted Mehr Jessia in her little grey dress at the Pal Zileri Launch, this time dressed up a bit more with a skinny belt…

At Zoom Glam Awards

At Pal Zileri Launch

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Again and Again!


Ok, I will admit, that I was too hasty to call Kajol’s ensemble, a drastic improvement, but then I didn’t know, until now, that she had already worn the same outfit to Manish Malhotra’s party back in 2006!

At Radio One, 2008

At Manish Malhotra Party for LFW, 2006

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Again n Again!


It was about time we caught Priyanka repeating an outfit. This time, she wore her white embroidered salwar kameez to the inauguration of the 16th Annual Conference of Indian National Association for Study of Liver(INSAL).

Priyanka @ INSAL, March 2007

Priyanka @ “Vijay Diwas”, Dec 2007


Again And Again!


Unlike that other instance, this time Rani Mukherjee waited years before she repeated her outfit! With the outfit in question though, I wish she waited a lifetime…

But its infinitely better (the waiting period, not the outfit itself) than Karishma Kapoor who couldn’t even wait a week to repeat hers!

At IIFA Awards, 2006

At Ambani Bash, 2008

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Lets Round Up The ‘Seen-Before’s


Neetu Singh has carried her Chanel Timeless Clutch before and Kahkashan’s Jimmy Choo Clutch obsession is well documented by now! Saw them both carry their clutches at the Filmfare awards and at the relaunch of Mogra (respectively) again!

Neetu Singh

Kahkashan Patel

Hermes Kelly is such an iconic bag and so special, I just wish Madhoo wouldn’t carry it again and again, especially to three events in a row (this time at the Aza 08 showing/preview)! I hope that scarf goes into dry cleaners soon! Also, its not very often that we feature the men in here and when we do, its not usually for the best reasons! Saw Rahul Dev favoring his jacket all over again, this time at the Society Interior Awards. Three times within a span of weeks?? Not very kosher.

Rahul Dev


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