Oh So Blue

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What do you all think of Koel’s look? We think she wears it well, very ‘day at the races’ meets ‘quirky’!

But do wish she skipped that bag and jewelry.


Koel Purie At Cartier ‘Travel with Style’ Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. well.. i dont call that travelling with style at all!that hat needed to be a lil bigger.. i get what she is trying to do.. but she hasnt carried it off well

  2. LOVE the look….. I also like putting flowers in my hair, its very ‘ east europian village belle’ style !!…..love her for trying different things.

  3. This just doesn’t work, IMHO. It’s a problem of the proportions again….. the dress and bag are too small for that outsized red thing on her head!

  4. nice spunk.. the jewelry on the hand and the bag should have been taken off though. The head dress looks funky and she smiles enuff to make ppl believe she can pull it of

  5. LOVE IT!
    aside from the bag and …watch I guess
    I have a thing for statement headgear (a la Blair Warldof) and she carries the look off with perfect confidance

  6. she reminds me of serena van der woodsen from gossip girl..just with black hair..lol ..but i must say..her confidence in carrying that dress is amazing!

  7. Like the flower but not with the blue dress, and def not with the shades. Everything just looks really cheap idk why! The dress doesn’t suit her body, its really really tight and its really short, I don’t like her earrings either but I could overlook that. I just really hate her sunglasses with the flowers n the dress yuk.


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