Bridal Asia 08: Ritu Beri

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1-bridal-asia-08-ritu-beri.jpg 2-bridal-asia-08-ritu-beri.jpg

3-bridal-asia-08-ritu-beri.jpg 4-bridal-asia-08-ritu-beri.jpg

5-bridal-asia-08-ritu-beri.jpg 6-bridal-asia-08-ritu-beri.jpg

More pics after the jump…

7-bridal-asia-08-ritu-beri.jpg 8-bridal-asia-08-ritu-beri.jpg

9-bridal-asia-08-ritu-beri.jpg 10-bridal-asia-08-ritu-beri.jpg

11-bridal-asia-08-ritu-beri.jpg 12-bridal-asia-08-ritu-beri.jpg


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  1. i would never wear this on my wedding day.. !!! what is this? adding ruffles doesnt make it grand
    altho the criss cross choli is very interesting! its the 2nd from bottom left.

  2. Why is the model in the sixth pic carrying a carpet? :-/

    The skirt in the last pic is cute, in a very Cirque du Soleil kind of way.

    Also, I think this is the first Ritu Beri post on HHC, yes? 🙂

  3. Er..if someone got married in this, the groom would have to hunt for his bride under all those yards of fabric.
    I agree with pdaervo, this would look fab in a magazine!

  4. I love the purple gold combo…and some of the others…none of these can be actually worn the way they are…but get rid of the OTT ruffles…and they could be wearble…for a magazine shoot….they are great!

  5. i don’t like the ruffles but the rest of it is interesting. at least someone should dare to do something different and let their creative juices run wild.

  6. Very hideous. Ruffles should not be used with so little discrimination. Everywhere a ruffle could possibly go, she has put about ten.
    I feel a little dizzy looking at these…


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