Bow Down To The Waist


    A trend that I see is of bows, ties, and ribbon detailing at the waist which can come off as a bit much, but when rightly done, can give that ‘girly’ look just the right edge!

    Katherine Heigl: Source

    Beyonce Knowles: Source

    I love the ribbon-bow detaling on Katherine Heigl’s trousers that go onto soften her rather severe suit nicely! Also spotted a quite casual avatar of Beyonce’s, after her recently concluded World Tour, also working the ribbon-bow detail on her waist. While the former’s waist feminized her formal look, the latter’s, dressed-up her dressed-down look!

    Chloe Sevigny: Source

    Chloe Sevigny wore hers on a form we are used to seeing, on a dress, at the New York premiere of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

    While the look is great, I wouldn’t recommend it for all body types since it does draw attention to the area it is being sported on! And how!


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