By Golly, She Confounds Us!

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Mandira Bedi for her recent preformance wore lots of shimmer and not so great hair extensions but yet is the best we’ve seen her looking in the longest time. Yup, it confuses us too.

mandira-bedi-silver-dress-1.jpg mandira-bedi-silver-dress-2.jpg

Mandira Bedi


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  1. she looks good as compared to many of her previous looks. although don’t know why the dress seems a little ill-fitting to me.

  2. i read somewhere that some firangi hair cutter was in town and she decided to get it done.. i think it was for free.. then she realised it didnt look good and got it trimmed.. anyway.. i dont like what she is wearing.. only like the bangles

  3. some people change hairstyles and some people dont, some people should and some should not..she clearly is one who should not..cuter with long hair..this bling outfit is so IN and so loud…


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