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Now this just breaks our heart…


Sushmita Sen At Bombay Times 14th Anniversary Party


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  1. One of the worst WTHeyyys featured on this site!!
    Especially so coz usually Ms Sen is sensational looking.
    But here: too much caked up makeup, dress that seems to be picked up and matched up by a 3 year old and that all out smile!!

  2. That’s what I thought – some people were dressed in costumy clothes, and some were not. Was there some other side party? It seems like a deliberate choice.

  3. In all fairness to sush: the theme was the 60s or something at the bash. so i give her full credit for sticking to the theme unlike other guests who came in dressed as usual!!

  4. YES IT DOES.. I am crying.. what the HELL has happened to Sush’s style.. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE..
    HEARBREAKING.. hope she gets BETTER soon..:(

  5. oh, no. Not Sushmita!!!!!

    Agree she’s no stranger to WTHeyyyy!, after all she spent her first movie (Dastak) looking like she was supposed to play a clown…but she’s improved SO SO much since and she’s sharp as a button, why this now ?

  6. did this partys have a 50’s theme..judging from anupama varmas outfit..and also not featured-anupamas ex bikram salujas outfit..
    this party was SUCH a battle of the exes.with karishma showing up with her husband in a white suit along with aishwarya and her hubby in a similar white suit…gosh!!! 🙂

  7. Don’t know whether you will post this, but the newspaper who hosted the bash gave her main coverage and couldn’t stop spilling ink about how
    C-H-I-C she looked at the seventy’s theme party!!! I rolled out of bed when I saw this first thing in the morning!! 🙂

  8. I first looked at this pic and assumed she must be dressed for some kind of ’80s themed party…even her makeup is straight out of the 80s. Scarily she seems to have chosen this for what appears to be a non-theme event.

  9. Just saw some of the comments above….is this in fact a theme party?

    If so, I quickly retract me criticism of Sush and applaud her for nailing the ’80s look down to the over the top rouge.


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