A Face Off: The Male Edition

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Not a fan of the head-to-toe denim look, so by default our pick would be Shiney. Yours?

Bobby Deol
Shiney Ahuja

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  1. maybe you guys should do a feature on shiney and his love for v-necks….i personally hate it on guys but I have never seen him in anything else!

  2. Diging Shiney’s look here. Nice hipster effect with the cool shirt and blazer. The red shoes are a perfect compliment to make the whole ensemble look distinct.

    Hating Bobby’s head to toe denim look. You’re NEVER supposed to do denim on denim, *especially* two pieces of the same color and texture. The fashion police should shoot him in the kneecaps. Gaah!

  3. Shiney. Just coz Bobby is soooooo terrible. But, somehow, though Shiney’s look, piecemeal, is good. But it doesn’t work for some reason… dunno why.

  4. neither but shiney…just because bobby is so old and should know some of the basic rules by now. like say, if it was Darsheel Zaffrey, he would look cute…but man!

    and omg, this is getting out of control…you know that satin dress that every actress is supportin these days? Bips is wearin it, in this ad for sugar-free stuff. it’s yellow.
    like seriously, was someone handing them out for free?

  5. sometimes i think i don’t understand fashion. but i don’t like any of the looks.the V-neck and the red shoes…NO WAY!! i think i prefer my men in classic wears unless they are teenagers…

  6. Maybe I’m wierd but I love guys who can pull off a V-neck tee with jeans and jacket. The red shoes add a nice pop of color, so Shiney all the way. (He is one person who should’ve taken a stage-name!)

    Bobby is too dated to merit any comments.

  7. haha@meghna – so true about shiney taking a stage name.

    I don’t think Bobby Deol knows how to dress properly. He is always dressed soo blah ever since his movie Baadal. It’s too bad that none of the Deol sons have the charisma that their father exuded so beautifully back in his days.


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