Acid, Acid Blue

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Both such horrendous dresses, though Vidya’s is mildly less offensive. Agree?


Left: Vidya Malwade
Right: Anupama Verma


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  1. Both the blues are horrendous.
    P&P, you gals are awesome. You update this site almost every hour!! I had really wanted to know your comments on these pics and the Sushmita one.
    Great job.

  2. Both look like nightmares!! What is wrong with Vidya’s hair?? and I won’t even start with Anupama…she looks like Amy Winehouse with a paunch.

  3. Oh God! Vidya’s is simply too vintage Arab/Lebanese style! Like the dresses that supposedly upscale tailors make for women with more money than taste.
    But she is very pretty and I think can pull anything off.
    And I’m not going to say anything about the other dress.

  4. anupama just never gets it right…shes got the most gorgeous face but her dressing is OOOOMG WTF all the time she could do so much better with just a pair of jeans and a tee and spare us the hideous clothing

  5. This is making me laugh! Sometimes I really wonder whether these celebrities bother to look in the mirror before leaving their house. Are they so consumed by the fame/industry that they believe they can pull off anything?! YUCK!

  6. a few years ago when anupama was in the states, i had a chance to do dinner with her. honestly, her features are VERY striking in person, and her body was incredible… i don’t think she translates as well on camera, which is odd since she is a model…

    she could use some major style advice though.


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