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Bipasha also picked a gown from Gucci’s Spring presentation. A purple Tod’s clutch, peep-toe heels and a traditional necklace completed her look.

Usually, a traditional necklace is good way to add bit of a punch to a western silhouette. But it isn’t really a works-with-everything-fool-proof trick. This gown could’ve done without the necklace. (And while we are it, a different pair o’ heels would’ve been great too!)

Love the purple against the chartreuse.


Bipasha Basu At Stardust Awards 2013

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I actually like her hair…it’s got the 60’s vibe making her face look softer for a change!
    The dress is tricky…the flounce on the chest is making the rest of her already athletic figure look really straight! Also looks like someone’s grabbed her by the wrist and dragging her along the red-carpet plus I think it’s long, hence she’s holding it up in the all the pictures! 🙂

  2. The look, mix of stark colours and the hair styling reminds me of PC’s AUNTY from her movie Dostana.
    Anyway, it looks like a lamp shade perched round her bust. 🙂

  3. ohhh god that hair and the jewellery!! Kate Beckinsale wore the same gown in pale pink and worked the hell out of it !! Though major props to Bipasha for not wearing another mini dress 😉

  4. This is called going overboard witth styling. She looks like one of those dated, somewhat 50 year old actresses who refuse to be termed OLD.

  5. Such hypocrites. Most of your favorites have fake everything- from nose to mouth. Beautiful Bipasha colors her hair, and cuts it short – and you pounce on her. She has her hair long- you call it boring.

    Poor Bips :/

  6. She ruined the gown with that necklace! 🙁 I just cant take my eyes off of that hideous piece of jewellery to even look at that beautiful gown 🙁

  7. Love the color on her!! And also the big hair. But whats with the dowdy lifting of the gown and that inappropriate necklace!! She looks like one of those massagewalis with the lifted gown 😛 Ruined a good look.

  8. Not sure the neckstyles working but Bipasha looks really elegant for a change and I mean this in a completly non-bitchy way…I didnt know she had it in her to do so


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