Bipasha On Marie Claire: (Un)Covered

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Burberry sure is popular this Spring. First it was Vogue who dressed Lara Dutta in Burberry Spring 2010 for it’s March cover (which you can see Here!) and now it’s Marie Claire who put Bipasha on it’s April issue in Burberry.

How did they manage to get Bipasha to look soft and fierce all at once? We like. And you?


Bipasha Basu, Marie Claire April 2010

Photo Credit: Marie Claire

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  1. Dont these mags keep themselves updated with their competitors? How come the same clothes end up on different mag covers over and obver :/

  2. I like the cover its nice, but I don’t like what they have done to her lips, the top one has disappered and the bottom one stretched out too much.
    she has stunning bee-stung lips in real life, shame they ruined it here.

    But to answer your question, her un-real lips are making her look soft and her pose/eyes are making her fierce

  3. I love the whole outfit and I think bipasha looks very pretty here, but somehow also looks as if her face was merged with Mischa Barton’s. Does anybody else think that?

  4. Too much photo shop which is not necessary since she has a pretty face. It would have been good to see a little more of the dress. Hate the bangels, too much going on, the belt, the bangels

  5. they all wear contact lenses in photoshoots..her ,priyanka, kareena…it gives such a dead vacant expression all the time!! no softness ever..I mean this is bollywoods obsession with fair skin and light eyes…what can we do about it? are the celebs even reading it!! i mean BE REAL FOR ONCE!!

    • You talk as if no Indian celeb can exist with light eyes and/or fair skin.
      as far as i can see, only Celina Jaitly wears contacts. Bips doesn’t have very light eyes, too. her actual eye colour, which is not visible here, it much lighter than it is in the cover. the Bongs even have a word for the colour; pingla.

  6. Like everything about it but her eyebrows. She has such an angular face that plucking such a deep arch into them makes her face look harder, IMO.

  7. real women have curves eh Bipasha? what about naturally skinny women? they’re not real?

    funny she comments about what’s real and what’s not real in the article when her cover picture is so photoshopped


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