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At the Awards ceremony of IIFA, Bhumi was seen in a strapless Shantanu and Nikhil gown. As gorgeous as the gown was, the fitting at the bust wasn’t quite right. I wish she’d chosen one of the designer duo’s other offerings.


Bhumi Pednekar At IIFA Awards 2016

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      • Like seriously! Those aunties who try hard to be on “trend” with makeup, hair & clothes (doesn’t matter if it suits the body type or not, it is in fashion so that’s why) but forget to get the most important item like a better support for the downtrodden girls. The second pic says it all. 😛

          • Here we go with the Aunty comments again…don’t you have aunts who dress well? It’s ironic that all the derision associated with Aunty comments is directed at young women. Why must you stereotype to a woman of a certain age when you want to suggest poor choices? Is it not possible to simply say you don’t like the outfit?

  1. Wowww! Such a gorgeous gown this is. She is totally rocking those oxblood lips. Indeed, the fitting at the bust is all sorts of wrong, but I’m so besotted by the beauty of that gown. 😀


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